Proposed Changes

Expand access to no-contact orders

Regardless of the outcome of an OSARP proceeding, no-contact orders should remain available to parties involved in the proceeding.

Enforce the recommended process timeline

OSARP and Title IX should coordinate their efforts to expedite the sexual misconduct case process. JMU should enforce the suggested 60 day timeline on investigations from start to finish; beginning when the official charges are posed by the reporting party.

Expand access to case materials

Parties seeking further action on their case should be allowed access to a recording and/or transcript of their hearing and all other relevant materials gathered in the process of bringing charges. To comply with privacy policies and law, identifying information should be redacted as necessary.

Title IX Hearing Board

The board who hears Title IX cases should be entirely independent from the Office of Student Accountability and Restorative Practices. To avoid harmful bias and a clear conflict of interest, under no circumstances should an employee of OSARP serve on the Title IX Hearing board.

Serious Misconduct Rule for student athletes

Any varsity athlete found responsible or guilty of a serious violent offense (rape, incest, sexual assault, intimate partner violence, etc.) should be ineligible for practice, play, and athletic financial aid. This proposal is modeled after the Tracy Rule, adopted by the Big Sky Conference.

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