OSARP warns student not to speak out on sexual assault case

After a university disciplinary board found a JMU student’s alleged sexual attacker “not responsible,” the senior assistant director of the office that handled her case warned the accuser against going public about her disappointment, saying the accuser herself could face negative consequences if she spoke to the media.


Silent protest against sexual violence to take place on Quad

A group of JMU students is organizing a silent protest against sexual violence on Friday on the Quad from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. The protest aims to alter the way JMU handles sexual assault cases, including how it punishes those found guilty by the Office of Student Accountability and Restorative Practices .


Student claims JMU violated FERPA law in sexual assault case

A JMU student who was warned by a university official to not contact the media about her ongoing sexual assault case now says the university violated her privacy by forwarding an email she sent “in good faith” directly to her case adviser.


JMU’s response to The Breeze’s OSARP story

Last week, The Breeze published a cover story about a sexual misconduct case currently pending in the university’s student accountability process. The university isn’t able to respond to specific details of the story because federal law prohibits us from disclosing information on individual students, but we do want to ensure that students have accurate information about the processes and resources in place to deal with sexual misconduct.


JMU lawyer apologizes to student for disclosure of email

In an email sent Wednesday afternoon, a JMU lawyer apologized to a student who accused the university of violating privacy laws in connection with her ongoing sexual assault case. Sophomore social work major Caroline Whitlow went public about her experiences with the Office of Student Accountability and Restorative Practices’ handling of her case.


Quad Talk | Sexual Violence protest takes place on the Quad

Culture reporter Andrea Brusig checks in on the Quad where a silent protest is taking place.


Breeze TV | Sexual assault silent protest at JMU

On Friday, students gathered on the Quad to protest JMU’s handling of sexual assault on campus.


JMU Dean of Students: Sexual assault policies ‘can get way better’

After facing stark criticism both on campus and through social media for its handling of recent sexual assault cases, JMU has begun taking steps toward addressing specific concerns brought forth by students. Dean of Students Josh Bacon believes there are many ways universities across the U.S., JMU included, can better protect those who’ve been sexually assaulted.


JMU VP discusses sexual assault policies with students

JMU students are meeting with Tim Miller, the JMU vice president of student affairs, to discuss how the university handles sexual misconduct cases. So far, not many students have met with Miller despite the large online support for changing JMU.


LTE | Victim-survivors of sexual assault must be supported

My name is Caroline Whitlow, and I am one of multiple students who spoke out about my struggle with reporting sexual misconduct on campus. In a statement over the summer, JMU committed to “redoubling its efforts” to combat sexual violence. I have been relieved to see Green Dot programming introduced and changes made to the student handbook.


ERA proponents say Virginia is final state needed to ratify

Approximately 50 JMU students and members of local organizations held signs calling for the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment above their heads as they marched from the Wilson Hall steps to the farmer’s market pavilion downtown Friday.


SGA passes Bill of Opinion to adjust Title IX process

JMU’s Student Government Association passed a Bill of Opinion on Tuesday that calls on the university to improve Title IX proceedings, to include increasing transparency and providing more resources. The Bill of Opinion was issued following SGA senator and senior public policy major Erin Coogan’s Title IX case that involved sexual harassment from a professor.


SGA Senator files Bill of Opinion after experience with Title IX

A Student Government Association senator is pushing the JMU administration for greater transparency and resources in Title IX proceedings after going through what she calls a “disorganized,” “unethical” and “corrupt” Title IX case that involved a professor’s unwelcome sexual behavior.


JMU to implement additional Title IX prevention efforts

On Feb. 20, JMU released a listing six new efforts to be implemented in regard to sexual misconduct. The statement was released after Erin Coogan, SGA Senator and a senior public policy major, filed a Bill of Opinion . Coogan proposed the bill, which passed on Feb.


COVID-19’s impact on sexual misconduct responses at JMU

Standing amid many questions surrounding JMU’s answer to the coronavirus pandemic – which forced classes online and pushed students away from campus – is the university’s response to sexual misconduct policy violations. Right now, everything is day by day and case by case.


JMU organizations honor Sexual Assault Awareness Month

April 1 marked the beginning of Sexual Assault Awareness Month, and JMU organizations have been working on events to honor it. The Student Government Association held a virtual panel on April 7 to discuss how sexual violence support services, such as resources that are available to survivors in the Well, and Title IX cases have been affected by COVID-19.


She reported college football players for gang rape. Now she’s on a mission.

Eighteen years after Brenda Tracy said she was gang-raped by college football players, the NCAA’s highest governing body offered her a seat at the table. The organization’s Board of Governors appointed Tracy in 2016 to its study group, the Commission to Combat Campus Sexual Violence, after she hand-delivered a petition with more than 150,000 signatures urging that athletes who commit sexual violence be banned from playing.


Proposed changes to Title IX could impact JMU’s response to sexual misconduct reports

By Jessica Kronzer The Department of Education has proposed changes to Title IX, including specifying the definition of sexual harassment, allowing lawyers to cross-examine reporting parties and giving universities a choice to not hear off-campus sexual misconduct cases, prompting 107,077 responses from the public comment period.


“It’s worth it”

By Jessica Kronzer Kearstin Kimm’s hazel eyes welled with tears listening to the words of a stranger. Her work had an impact. “It’s worth it,” Kimm thought. Jane Smith, a survivor of sexual assault, heard about Students Against Sexual Violence (SASV) and how the group worked to get character statements moved to after the responding party’s responsbility has been determined during a Title IX OSARP trial.


Events & Initiatives

Silent Protest Against Sexual Violence
April 2018

Teal Meal
April 2019

Harrisonburg Equality Walk
December 2019

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